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What does 1-on- 1 Curb the Binge coaching involve?

Curb the Binge coaching is all about giving you a personalized healing plan and all the support you need to start healing your binge eating pattern. You’ll meet with your coach once a week for either 3 months or 6 months using simple video conference technology (or the phone, if you prefer) and your coach will guide you along with recommendations for each week.

The recommendations will vary from nutritional advice to emotional exercises, excerpts to read through, fun art projects to do on your own, movies to watch, and many more that will be tailored just for you. These recommendations and exercises are all designed to help you understand your binge eating pattern so deeply that it no longer has a hold over you.

You’ll have constant support (once a week) and a weekly chance to ask all of your questions and voice your concerns, what has come up throughout the week, etc., as well as refections on all of this. You’ll have a coach to guide you, have your back and believe in you every step of the way.

If I choose the 3 month plan, can I upgrade to 6 months if I still need help at the end of 3 months?

Yes, you can upgrade to the 6 month plan and still get the $500 discount.

I am not tech savvy. Can I still do the 1-on-1 coaching?

Absolutely. For one, if you’d rather use the telephone than tinker with computer technology, that is absolutely fine. If you do brave the video conferencing option, I promise you it will be easy to set up and use. Once it’s set up (clicking a few buttons and waiting a few minutes to download) all you’ll have to do is click a link and we’ll be on a video conference (similar to skype). You do need a camera for this. Many laptops and computers on the market now come with a built-in camera.

Is coaching like psychotherapy?

Kind of. Depending on what you think psychotherapy is. Coaching ~ especially Curb the Binge coaching ~ is designed to be fun. I have been fortunate enough to receive education (through my degree program in psychology and my coach training) that emphasized the fun of exploring some of our deepest, darkest parts that we normally do not wish to look at. I want to bring this quality of fun and adventure to you, and to our coaching sessions together!

How soon can I expect to curb my binge eating disorder?

There is no one answer for this. The pace of transformation varies for every woman, so to some extent we must be brave to let the course of the binge eating pattern take as long as it takes. But you can expect transformation soon after you begin doing this work.

And, eventually, as long as you stick with it, you can expect that the binge will have a looser and looser grip on you.

It is a process and it doesn’t happen overnight. But with commitment, curiosity, and a healthy dose of adventure, I promise you will transform your relationship to food, yourself, and others to one that reflects what you truly and deeply want out of this life.

Isn’t it better for me to seek out a personal trainer, a nutritionist, someone who will help me develop the discipline I need to stop binging and treat my body well?

That’s a great question. In theory, this would be the best option. If it were that simple though, wouldn’t we all have been done with binge eating ages ago? 

I believe that binge eating is not a problem of discipline. I believe – and check in with your heart to see if it feels true for you – that binge eating is a much deeper pattern that has its roots in our childhoods, issues of control, needing to be perfect, and many other things. In short, it’s a complex issue!

Discipline is not that hard. Getting to the root of a deep-seated psychological pattern takes much more than discipline. Which is why I firmly believe in a holistic approach that takes all factors of life and health into consideration. 

Is it possible to stop binging? I just feel so hopeless to change this. And even if other people have stopped their binging, I don’t think I am strong enough. What should I do?

Thank you so much for bringing and sharing your vulnerability. Here’s what I believe: I believe that if you are a binge eating woman, that means you are already strong. It takes great strength to take on a pattern like this, which is so psychologically challenging. I am also guessing you took it on in order to protect someone else, by taking on the pain yourself. But I am jumping the gun here. The point is, your strength or lack of it is absolutely not a problem.

All it takes to transform the binge eating habit, or any addiction for that matter, is a healthy dose of curiosity. Do you really, truly want to know where this pattern came from? Are you ready to dig deep and discover parts of yourself that you never knew were there?

The thing about this process of curbing the binge – whether you embark on the journey through 1-on-1 coaching or through reading articles, watching the videos and attending the webinars on this site – is that it’s quite enjoyable. It’s enjoyable to get to know yourself, even though it can be painful. But I promise you, you can do it. Because ~ any problem only exists if its solution also exists. ~

I don’t really want to dig into my past. Surely there must be a way to deal with this pattern without digging up old ghosts.

Perhaps temporarily. The thing is, if we don’t dig up the old ghosts of our painful pasts, they remain there, buried deep under the surface, creating havoc in our lives. Havoc that we don’t realize is connected to our past at all. Like binge eating! And many other patterns. They may go away for a while, but then they resurface and we don’t know what to do. Most of us probably know what that feels like.

I know digging through the past doesn’t sound like the best time in the world, but really, it is so worth it. And it’s actually so liberating, you might get hooked on doing this kind of deep work!

You talk a lot about living your dream on the Curb the Binge website. Is this really possible? Seems a little far-fetched. And what does it have to do with stopping my binging?

It is not only possible, it is where we are all going, whether we know it or not! The question is only how quickly and directly you want to get there. I know it seems far-fetched, but the thing is, there are people our there living their dream. And they are no different from you. They just discovered the parts of themselves that they needed to in order to go for it.

The other part is, they know what their dream is.

If you don’t know what your dream is, and just want to curb the binging for now, I totally understand.

But here is the thing.

I want to give you a double-whammy. The combo deal. I want you to pay for curbing the binge and in fact walk away with a massive upgrade on your life. I want to help you realize that once you are living your dream, you won’t need the binge anymore. Because guess what: all along, the binge has been a substitute, a replacement, for living the life you really want.

If you don’t know what your dream is, congratulations. The best part ~ discovering what it is ~ is still ahead of you, and I want to help you get there.

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Get 1-on-1 help transforming your relationship with food

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